Why Choose Us?



We operate from the very simple principle that our success depends on that of our clients. As such, we take a proprietary interest in doing everything in our power to ensure our clients’ success. That’s why we never forget that we report to you.



spa has a proven track record of enabling clients to meet their supply chain needs through periods of meteoric growth. Our history includes work with companies of all sizes, and from all ranges of business segments.



Because of spa’s strategic locations in the Midwest, we can get one- and two- day standard ground shipping to over 70% of the U.S. population.  And we serve the entire globe through a mixture of company-owned facilities and strategic partnerships.


Whether your product is outbound by the boxful or on pallets, spa cuts the distance between you and your customers. No market is too far when you have spa’s resources behind you.



We offer a scalable menu of services. You can tap into exactly the solutions you need to make your project profitable today as well as tomorrow. That flexibility counts when quality, speed and service are critical...all while watching the bottom line.



All spa clients are assigned a team of contacts with primary and secondary contacts that can be reached around the clock. The idea is simple: communication is paramount to efficiency and we never want you to be without an answer.



To find out what spa can do for you, contact one of our representatives today..