Distribution Services

spa inc. offers industry leading distribution services solutions.  We work closely with our retail and publishing customers to provide a cost effective solution that meets the needs of today’s marketplace.  We emphasize a disciplined business approach that delivers enhanced profitability.  We focus on three main ideas:


         Business Intelligence:  We supply our partners with the most timely and accurate business intelligence reporting, thus allowing them the ability to drive revenues. 

         Value:  We provide highly competitive pricing, while maintaining a high standard for customer service.

         Payment:  We are committed to delivering on the contractual payment terms of our agreements.  Our goal is to get your money back into your organization as quickly as possible.   

spa inc. will help you achieve your distribution goals.  We provide both an end-to-end logistics and distribution solution or an al a carte menu of services. We give you the flexibility and options to choose what is best for you.

If you are interested in our distribution services, please fill out the form here.

After you submit your application, we will evaluate your product line to determine if it meets the needs of our customers. We will then contact you to obtain additional information or to offer recommendations on how best to move forward. 

To find out what spa can do for you, contact one of our representatives today.


  • Access to top tier retailers
  • Fast Payment
  • EDI integration
  • Detailed reports and analysis
  • Inexpensive solutions
  • Fast implementation
  • Alerts and Notifications